Year 4

Unit 1 – Aural Awareness

Activity 1 – Legato and Staccato

The student is presented with a set of images intended to teach the concept of legato and staccato. In the first exercise, the clapping hands represent short, sharp notes, while the swinging hands represent the smooth, legato notes. The teacher will give examples of legato and staccato and the students are asked to draw a circle around the correct image. The teacher is encouraged to use percussion, keyboard, recorder and his/her voice for these examples.

Activity 2 – Clap the Rhythm

The teacher claps a 4-beat pattern and invites the students to repeat the pattern clapping in steady time. Patterns of increasing difficulty will follow. Remember to count steadily 1, 2 , 3, 4 at the start so that the children get accustomed to the pulse. Start this activity with a slow tempo first. Will the children manage faster speeds?

If the same rhythmic patter is repeated twice in a row, all students should fold their arms. Those who do not fold their arms (and who keep clapping) are out!