Year 1

Unit 1 – Aural Awareness

Activity 1 – Animal Sounds

The teacher plays a short motif representing an animal on either a CD or a musical instrument. Students have to guess the animal and colour it. In the case of small animals (i.e. bird, chicken, bee, mosquito, mouse), the motif should be played in a high register. In the case of large animals, the motif should be played in a low register. After playing the motif at least three times, the children should be asked which animal they think the music represents. When they answer correctly, they will then be allowed to colour in the relevant animal.

Animal Sounds

Activity 2 – Timbre

After the students have become familiar with a number of instruments, the teacher plays the sound of an instrument (without showing the students that instrument) and then they have to colour in the instrument which they think is being played. Prior to this exercise students should be made familiar with the instruments in question by, for example, using it in class for rhythmic exercises.

Musical Instruments