Year 4

Unit 4 – Singing

Singing is an integral part of the primary school music curriculum. Singing aims at developing the student’s musical, vocal, and expressive skills as well as their sensitivity and emotions. It can be used as a tool to teach
topics across the music curriculum such as history of music, musical notation, the playing of the recorder, and those topics related to Maltese music, to mention but a few. It can also work across the primary curriculum where together with the class teachers it can be part of cross-curricular projects involving history, science, religion, art, drama as well as languages.

All the singing sessions can be developed and completed in the time-frame of a lesson with successful results achieved almost immediately. Apart from the songs recommended below, teachers may choose more Maltese and foreign folk songs suitable for their class.

Voice Warm-Up

Some simple voice warm-up exercises are being provided. These can be used in a class lesson or even prior to a choir singing session.

Link to Voice Warm-Up exercises audio files: click here

Activity 1 – Il-Vapur ta’ l-Art

This song was composed by Joe Tanti and performed by the Greenfields in 1973. The words of the song are by Mikiel Spiteri (Kilin). The “boat on land” in the title describes the Maltese train which crossed Malta from Valletta to Rabat and later Mtarfa between the years 1883 to 1931. It was used as a means of transport for passengers and cargo. As more buses appeared on Maltese roads it slowly lost it importance.

Activity 2 – Hevenu Shalom

The song Hevenu Shalom Aleichem means ‘We bring peace upon you’. It is a song which is used in many celebrations and wishes success and peace upon everyone. The word must be pronounced He ve -nu sha-lom aley-hem. It is a popular traditional Jewish song.