Year 6

Unit 1 – Aural Awareness

Activity 1 – Ascending and Descending

Students will be introduced to motion and direction in music, namely ascending and descending motion as a basis for future reference to intervals. This will be approached by playing two notes and revising if they are going up or down, playing scales in ascending and descending motion, playing short melodies (using notes not in step) in both ascending and descending motion.

Activity 2 – Musical Patterns

In the first exercise the teacher will now play scales or similar musical patterns and the students will match the sound with the images below.

Activity 3 – Listen and discuss

Students fill in the questions while they are listening to the piece of music. This can be followed by a discussion. They are encouraged to listen to the instruments, the type of ensemble or orchestra involved, the genre or style., and gain impression of the mood of the music.

Activity 4 – The Mood of the Music

Students are encouraged to think about the mood of the music. Your mood is the way you feel when you read text, see art or hear music.

For example, a piece of music can be described as:

  • happy or sad
  • energetic or calm

Children will be asked to listen to a piece of music and to check all the words that describe the music. They can also draw a picture to show what they were feeling while listening to the piece of music.