Year 5

Unit 1 – Aural Awareness

Activity 1 – Pianissimo and Fortissimo

The student is reminded of the dynamics learnt so far: piano, forte, crescendo and decrescendo. It is recommended to use the flashcards below as well as practical examples to demonstrate gradation of tone. These keywords can be hung in the classroom for easy reference.

Students will be introduced to pianissimo and fortissimo and will be presented with a set of images related to each. They will be asked to draw a circle around the appropriate image that matches what is played by the teacher. The teacher can use various available instruments and resources in class.

Activity 2

The students are introduced to texture in music with the terms monophony and polyphony. They will be shown videos of singing in unison and singing in voices. A discussion will be held as to where each type can be used. Students will learn to identify whether they are listening to singing which is in unison or otherwise.

Activity 3

The students will name situations where one can find singing in monophony and others in polyphony.