Year 3

Unit 8 – Instruments of the Orchestra

Activity 1 – Classifying Instruments

The teacher reminds the children that the children are classified in families whilst specifying particular characteristics.

String instruments
Brass instruments
Woodwind instruments
Percussion instruments

Individual instruments can be introduced in a random way or as a group, one family at a time, whilst displaying visuals of each instrument.

String instruments – violin, cello, double bass
Brass instruments – trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba
Woodwind instruments – recorder, flute, clarinet
Percussion instruments – tambourine, cymbals, castanets, wooden blocks

In this activity children will be asked to classify the listed instruments according to the family to which they belong.

Activity 2 – Identify Instruments from Sound

The teacher plays excerpts of each instruments playing alone whilst displaying a picure of the instrument so that the children familiarise themselves with the sound produced and make associations. Some basic information about each instrument will be also provided.

In this activity, the teacher plays excerpts in a random order one by one, this time without displaying any pictures. As a group, the children are asked to identify the instrument from its sound. The teacher will then display the picture of the instument being played.

This activity will be repeated individually. Again random excerpts are played one by one, and the children have to write the name of the instrument on their handout. When completed, the excerpts are played again in the same order and the answers are revealed. The instrument is also displayed.