Year 3

Unit 2 – Rhythm and Tempo

Activity 1 – Identify the Rhythm

Here teachers should remind students that the value of a crotchet is equivalent to the value of two quavers. Then students are told that each bar should contain a value of four beats. The teacher should also introduce the sound of a minim (ta-a) and its value in terms of crotchet beats.

Activity 2 – Tick the correct Rhythm

The teacher chooses to clap or play a rhythm either from Column A or Column B. Students listen carefully at least twice and indicate which rhythm has been played by ticking the correct box in Column A or Column B.

Activity 3 – Continue the Rhythm

In this exercise students are asked to fill in the space by drawing a crotchet, two quavers or a minim. Each rhythm should be make up 4 beats.