Year 3

Unit 6 – Composition

Activity 1 – Il-Festa

Students learn how to sing and make use of instruments made from home articles. They build their own instrument and improvise on it. Reference is made to pictures and props related to the song and home-made instruments. The class can be divided into three groups, so that each group would focus on a particular stanza from the song. Thus each group relates instruments to the words and the performance reflects students’ own ideas and original compositions played with their own home-made instruments. The teacher can choose other songs and adapt the instruments to be used accordingly.

The teacher points out the three main aspects of the song for this session, i.e., church bells, fireworks and the band. Students are asked to bring any articles that produce a sound which relates to one of the three aspects of the song. The teacher leads a discussion on the song and the instruments which will be used to bring out the main aspects and teaches the song to the students. Students can choose an instrument that matches or brings out one of the three aspects. In the following lesson, the teacher helps the students to build the instruments, and the song is sung again, but this time in line with the students’ own compositions on their home-made instruments.

As a follow-up, students can also learn how to sing the song ‘Il-Festa’. The music for this music excerpt is found on the CD. Other suitable songs for the lesson are Charles Camilleri’s ‘Kanti Popolari’.

Il-Festa – kor
Il-Festa – strumentali