Syllabus & Guidelines

Primary Music Syllabus
(updated June 2022)

Year 1 & Year 2

Year 1 Learning Outcomes*

Year 2 Learning Outcomes*

Year 3 & Year 4

Year 5 & Year 6

Year 6 Learning Outcomes*

Level 6 Learning Outcomes to be introduced as follows:
Year 5 as from September 2022
Year 6 as from September 2023

* These Learning Outcomes will be replaced by the new Learning Outcomes in due time.

Guidlines for Music Teachers

Click here for the updated guidelines for Music Teachers for this scholastic year 2021-2022.

The following guidelines were set by Mr Mario Attard and Dr Mariella Cassar-Cordina, Education Officers Music:

Setting up of a routine to clean hands before and after the music lesson using sanitisers/disinfectant. All instruments at school due to be used during the lesson are to be cleaned/disinfected before each lesson. These should not be shared during the lesson. Processes for picking up and dropping of instruments and other materials should be established. Uncleaned instruments can be placed in a separate container/box. Keyboards should be cleaned with alcohol wipes after every lesson.

Sharing of scores, parts and scripts, including song lyrics, should be avoided. It is advised that teachers give a copy of the score/parts and scripts for the students to keep. Alternatively these can be displayed on an interactive screen during the lesson.

Social distancing should be kept during all activities. Current guidance is that if the activity is face-to-face and without mitigating actions, social distancing of 1.5 metres is maintained.

To ensure risk-mitigation actions, it is recommended that the music teacher selects students to play in a small group of not more than 5. This applies to all wind instruments, including recorder. The other students in class will either follow the lesson by listening attentively to their peers playing and commenting about the performance, or clapping the beat/rhythm, or be given other work which can be related to the topic of the lesson.

Singing lessons should be carried out in large spaces with open windows/doors for circulation of air, such as halls, or outdoors. It is advised that teachers place hula-hoops spaced 1.5 metres apart from each circumference on the floor. Every student is asked to sing standing inside the circumference of the hula-hoop so as to ensure proper social distancing. It is suggested to alternate the singing session in turns, in two or more groups. It is advisable that students keep their masks on during the singing lesson and that after the lesson aerosol spray disinfectant is used to avoid contamination.

During performance lessons, ideally students should be positioned in a slightly curved line and avoid facing each other. It is also advised to keep volume at a moderate level without the need to overdo it by blowing too much or rising the voice so as to decrease virus transmission risk.

Students should take their recorder at home and bring it back with them for the music lesson after they would have cleaned the mouthpiece and the body of the instrument (from the inside and from the outside) with alcohol wipes, or disinfectant solution. It is advised that students do not share their instrument with their peers. This applies to any instrument.

Teachers should establish a routine from the first day of school. A list of rules which will be disseminated to all music teachers needs to be clearly indicated to students. This will include proper washing of hands and the regular use of disinfectant.