Soprano Recorder

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Distribution of Soprano Recorders to all children who are in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

In the past months Soprano Recorders have been distributed to all children currently attending Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in State Schools. This instrument is being used during the music lessons.

You can follow the recorder lessons on by pressing here.
These have been prepared by Ms Claire Cardona

Soprano Recorder and accessories

This includes the Soprano Recorder, cleaning rod, fingering chart, cloth pouch, joint grease and thumb rest.

Cleaning the instrument

The soprano recorder should be cleaned as necessary:

Cleaning rod

Wipe the moisture from the inside of the recorder after playing. Gently push a small piece of cotton cloth inside the recorder using the cleaning rod. Tissue or paper towel should not be used. Occasionally wash your recorder with a diluted detergent solution when dirt builds up. Rinse it out immediately with plain warm water. You can also use a soft bottle brush to clean away dirt inside the recorder.

Application of grease

Joint grease

Joint grease is to be applied to the joints of the instrument before assembling.

This is to be kept by the parents/guardians and used only as required.

Prepare the instrument as indicated in the image:

Apply a small amount of grease in the indicated place (around all joint).

Reassemble the instrument as indicated in the image:

Thumb rest

The thumb rest is to be fitted gently from the narrowest part of the instrument as indicated in the images below:

Then slide it halfway through the instrument as indicated:

This should be kept fixed to avoid losing or fracture.

Caring for the soprano recorder

The instrument should be kept in the cloth pouch when not in use..

The instrument and the cloth pouch