Prospective candidates showing interest in music and having knowledge in the subject can choose to pursue their music studies at two levels after Primary schooling:

a) Pre-Option Music Programme (POMP); or
b) Malta Visual and Performing Arts (MVPA) school

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes is offering as a pilot project the Pre-Option Music Programme (POMP) in Year 7 and Year 8. Students who are in Year 6 of Primary School and show interest in music can register for this two-year programme, serving as another choice in their educational journey. This programme might not be offered in all Middle Schools.

Applications are open in March
Instrument offered: Pianoforte
Suggested minimum level: Beginner / Grade 1 in both theory and practice.

The school offers five art forms as the primary focus of study: art, dance, drama, media, music. 10 children have the opportunity to enhance further their artistic ability and rationality by way of consolidating their actual talent levels without renouncing their proficiency in core academic subjects.
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Applications are open in March
Instruments offered: various
Suggested minimum level: Grade 1 / Grade 2 in both theory and practice.

In both cases, candiates will be asked to sit for an audition.

For further information contact:

Dr Mariella Cassar-Cordina on mariella.cassar-cordina@ilearn.edu.mt
Education Officer Music (Middle/Secondary)

Mr Mario Attard on mario.attard.2@ilearn.edu.mt
Education Officer Music (Primary)